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    24 search results for 'knife':

    ꁶꀮnbit bumbi⁵⁵pu³³n(银匠用的)錾刀chisel, engraving knife used by a silversmith
    turthu̱³³vchop up; cut
    ꅅꃅddox mudo³⁴mu³³nknife (any kind)cf-snsꊮꀨ
    ꅅꃅꇥꉧddox mu gap ngotdo³⁴mu³³ka²¹ŋo⁵⁵n弯刀long knife, hooked at the end, sharp on the inside, used for chopping trees, grass, or underbrush
    woɣo³³v切(多指将肉切成块状)cut or slice, by moving the knife back and forthcf-sns 1₁6
    ꍆꄏzhat dotʂa⁵⁵to³³n铡刀hook knife (blade is hooked at the end)
    ꍡꃆꄏchat mup dotʂha⁵⁵mu²¹to³³n大刀(马刀)long fighting knife
    chytʂhɿ³³vcut or slice
    jitʨi⁵⁵v磨(刀)sharpen (knife); sharpen on a grindstone; whet (blade)
    qitʨhi⁵⁵cl把(刀、锄头等)handle (e.g., knives or tools)
    ꀂꏾꐑꃅi qi qur mui³³ʨhi³³ʨhu̱³³mu³³n剃头刀razor, a knife for shaving the head
    byppɿ²¹v(带)有have; have something on one's person (like a pocket knife, wallet, or food packet)
    ꁤꏤbbuop jietbɔ²¹ʨɛ⁵⁵adj脸上伤疤scarred face, with scar lines from a knife,ꁨꑆ
    nbyrmbɿ̱³³v削(削掉点)peel; cut off with a knife
    mytmɿ⁵⁵v(轻轻地)鐾strop, lightly pass a knife blade over a piece of cloth or leather to sharpen it
    vypvɿ²¹v(用刀轻)剖(肚子);划缝刃锐器所伤use a knife to slit open (e.g., an animal's skin to get the guts out)
    ꅅꃅꌺddox mu ssedo³⁴mu³³zɯ³³n小刀small knife
    ꈂꇔkap lytkha²¹lɿ⁵⁵n缺口(多指铁器工具)notch, broken place in a knife blade
    ꊮꀨcit bopʦhi⁵⁵po²¹n菜刀cleaver, wide blade knife used for chopping vegetables and meatcf-snsꅅꃅ
    curʦhu̱³³1) v切(成丝)chop into strips; cut by moving the knife up and downcf-sns₁62) nstrips, something that has been cut into strips (e.g., raw potatoes for making soup)
    zhurtʂu̱³³v鐾(刀)钢(刀)whet; sharpen (a knife)
    ꍚꏠzhur jittʂu̱³³ʨi⁵⁵v磨擦(指把刀在石头或在缸沿上轻磨,或者擦枪等)wipe; stroke; strop (a knife on a whetstone or strap)
    rypʐɿ²¹v(轻)划slice (with a knife)
    jiʨi³³v1) peel with a knife, remove material by scraping or shaving; pare down2) turn out (e.g., the edges of a coat collar when the weather is warm)
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