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    ꀉꅠax ndea³⁴ndɯ³³adj贫瘠barren; infertile (of land)
    ꀉꈾꉙax mge hxopa³⁴ŋgɯ³³ho²¹n哑哑学语baby babble, the first bit of speech a baby can say when less than a year old
    ꀊꀞꀡa bat bapa³³pa⁵⁵pa²¹adj光秃秃barren, having nothing growing on it
    ꀊꏢa jia³³ʨi³³n筛子small basket used for sifting flour
    ꀋꁧap bboa²¹bo³³n1) 父亲father [not a form of address; reference only]conꀋꃀ2) 丈夫husband [not a form of address; reference only]
    ꀋꆽꁏap lie pura²¹lɛ³³phu̱³³v讥讽insult someone without speaking directly to them; badmouth
    ꀍꄟuo tieɔ³³thɛ³³n头巾头帕帽子man's head covering, made of cloth strips wrapped around the head, traditionally including a point protruding a few inches at the frontwhꌀꄝcf-snsꀎꇓ
    ꀎꌃuop nzytɔ²¹nʣɿ⁵⁵n1) 秃头bald spot on a person's head2) 秃头人bald person
    ꀏꀱꄩꆽot bur tot lieo⁵⁵pu̱³³tho⁵⁵lɛ³³v上下翻腾toss and turn (usually of a person sleeping poorly); change back and forth
    ꀑꀮo buo³³pu³³adj秃头(因生疮而)bald (because of scalp disease)
    ꀑꇬꆺo go lipo³³ko³³li²¹v丧命lose one's life (in a fight or war)
    ꀖꑘbit nyoppi⁵⁵ȵo²¹n垃圾garbage
    ꀙꋇBip cuppi²¹ʦhu²¹prop n白族Bai ethnic group
    botpo⁵⁵v争论辩论debate (a matter); argue; discuss; dispute
    ꀥꄖbot dupo⁵⁵tu³³n背篼tightly woven basket, carried on the back, used for carrying small grains like rice
    ꀨꆺbop lippo²¹li²¹n篮子(小)竹篓small basket woven of cane or bamboo
    burpu̱³³1) vreturn; turn back; come back2) vgive something back to its owner3) vturn something over; turn something inside out4) v重新repeat; do over again
    ꀱꆱbur hlytpu̱³³ɬɿ⁵⁵n1) 气球balloon (any kind), made from rubber or animal skincf-snsꃮꀁꀧ2) 羊皮口袋(多用于装酒)sheepskin bag (used as a wineskin)
    byppɿ²¹byxvcarry (on one's back)
    byppɿ²¹v赔偿赔退compensate someone for their loss; give back something that rightfully belongs to someone else
    byrpɿ̱³³v拉稀(专指婴儿)(婴儿)大便have thin, watery poop (especially a baby's); have diarrhea
    ꀿꏅpat shyrpha⁵⁵ʂɿ̱³³n婴儿baby; small child; infant
    ꁀꄏꇉpax do lopha³⁴to³³lo³³n小口袋small bag
    7popho³³clarea; batch; portion; lot (abstract, e.g., knowledge)
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