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    6 search results for 'ꐑ':

    ꀂꏾꐑꃅi qi qur mui³³ʨhi³³ʨhu̱³³mu³³n剃头刀razor, a knife for shaving the head
    ꁯꄸꁁꐑbbup ddi pa qurbu²¹di³³pha³³ʨhu̱³³n尺蠖inchworm
    qurʨhu̱³³clhand span, distance from an adult's thumb tip to middle or little finger tip
    qurʨhu̱³³vmeasure; size up
    qurʨhu̱³³1) v铲(草)remove grass and weeds from soil to prepare for planting2) v剃(头)shave (the head or face)
    ꒉꐑyy qurʑɿ³³ʨhu̱³³n泉水spring water
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